New Fall Wearable Tech Could Save Your Life, Seriously.


Wearable tech is definitely going to be the biggest trend starting this Fall, no doubt.  The days are nearly over where the coolest trend in fashionable tech are ipad and iphone covers.  Women (and men) designers and engineers have been working hard this year finding solutions for that missed technology problem.  Ringly, who I posted about last week, has an app for that (and a ring with a semi-precious stone, a diamond and is 18k matte gold, I'm sold.).  As a woman who can't keep her phone with her constantly, I tend to miss calls, emails and if I run into a dangerous situation my phone won't be easily accessed.  Ladies, Deepa Sood  of Cuff knows your pain and has a fashionable solution.

Video: Cuff and YouTube

So basically, Cuff devices have a Cuff "chip" that you hide inside of specially made baubles or keychain that will share your location with your chosen circle of friends or family (and letting them know if you may be in danger instantly), while also tracking your health and keeping up to date with all of your important notifications.

 Photo: Elle

Photo: Elle

Cuff accessories are not only stunning and modern but not that expensive, either.  You can either buy packages (I recommend this) or all the products independently (of course the cutest cuff is sold out already!).  While you're shopping on their website, you can tell how many other viewers are shopping as well and how many quantities are left, so get them while they're still on pre-order ladies!

Photo: Cuff

  Photo: Cuff

From what I've heard from people I know and articles I've read, alot of parents are buying Cuff smart jewelry for their daughters so they are safe on campus, hanging out with the girls and going on dates.  I know if I had smart jewelry like this when I was in college, my parents would've done the same thing (even if you stay in the dorm most of the time). 

 Photo: Cool Mom Tech

Cuff smart jewelry has also been advertised as jewelry for Grandma too.  Just because she's older doesn't mean she won't love something flashy (that can alert close friends and family in emergencies)!

Photo: Ecouterre

Pre-orders are going on now and won't arrive until Fall (just like Ringly), so make sure you snatch them up before they're all gone!


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