What It Really Takes to Make a Beautiful, Designer Handbag

Video: Vogue Paris

Ever wonder what really goes into making your favorite handbag?  (hint: there's more than you think)
Vogue gave us the rundown on what goes into making the Diorama.



Daily Look Has the Working Girl in Mind

Models: Aj Schultz, Lacey Clarkson
Stylist/Photographer:  Allison Dandrea

We're all constantly on the run and let's face it, and we need a wardrobe that can keep up.  This month, Daily Look sent me pieces that work on the clock, no matter the time of day (or who you're meeting for drinks).

2.  ELLIATT-Sculpt-Skirt, $94.99

Finding the perfect skirt can be a challenge.  Do you go with the classic pencil or the go straight for the midi?  Sometimes you need a skirt that can double up for both day and night.  Daily Look has your back.

Power suit approved, drinks with clients later?  

No problem.  

2.  Cameo Nine Lives Skirt, $139.99

Lunch date looks are the most fun and should be the easiest to put together.  A great foolproof way is to go vintage inspired.  You'll be killing it in soft, feminine pastels colors and a 60's inspired mini skirt.  Looking for more of a classic look?  Perfect.  Stripes never go out of style (especially in spring), paired with a great pair of cropped black pants and a classic tote and you're set.

 Great chain detailing and a simple clutch purse is perfect for a quick lunch date with your BFF.

Feminine details, like this great scalloped edge will give you instant class
(even if it only took you seconds to get ready).

 1.  Mable Split Side Tee, $24.99

Every fashion girl loves street style and totally wants to be seen on a reputable style blog, right (have you seen the fashion week street style photos)?  Well it's time to steal some of your fave street style well, style.

 Minimalist is still a very big thing in the fashion world and you can seriously never go wrong with the basics.  This shirt dress is ultra soft and comfortable, why not try the whole dress over the pants trend that's been popping up all over fashion blogs for the past week or so?  

 The side slit adds interest (as seen on multiple style blogs and celebrities for the past few seasons, my personal fave was from Zara A/W '14) and the oversized, boxy cut of this tee is super chic.  Who needs fashion overkill when you can simply.

Plain tops and tees automatically look more chic and expensive when paired with leather.  That's just how it is.  Accessorize with some great rings or a long simple pendant and you're done.

It's that simple.    

I'm a huge fan of Daily Look.  They offer a variety of price points, stylists that truly understand your style and needs (not just sending you what's in your wishlist) and have new and exciting merchandise (and styled looks for those who just don't have time) in literally all of the time.  

My personal opinion on this box?  I loved it.  I had real versatility with everything in this box.  There were pieces for work, nights out and even great casual pieces.  Literally everything was covered.  My most favorite part about this box were the leather leggings.  I am not the type that would even think to try leather on my legs, and would definitely hate on it before I would try it, but they quickly grew on me.  So unexpected.  It's like my stylist knew what to send me without me actually saying anything.  



Our Top 10 Fave Fashion Week Inspired Jewelry (And Where To Get It)

Whether it's Milan or New York, fashion week has taught us that accessories are next level for 2015.  So where does a girl find one-of-a-kind, fashion week inspired pieces?  None other than etsy the mecca of handmade.  Not to worry, we've done the digging and here are our top 10 favorite pieces.  

Click, click, buy.

Gold Cube Ring
Edens Crush


Hedgehog Project

Bold Chunky Tribal Necklace

Blue Gemstone Double Ring
Maria Lasarga

Square Resin Bangle with Gold Flakes

Cage Ear Cuff
Alice York Jewelry

Raw Diamond Silver Choker
Christina Rose Jewelry

Leather and Gold Bangle
Hagar Satat Jewelry

Contemporary Collar Choker



So, Does This Mean That Banana Republic Is the New J. Crew?

Although the glorious insanity that is New York Fashion week is now over, we now have time to reflect on what we saw (and will be wearing) this time next year.  This year's show was kind of a big deal considering it was Marissa Webb's first ever show for Banana Republic.  Webb played with texture and proportion and sported everything from oversized, boxy shapes to long lean lines.  Webb's one thing to take from the show?  Outerwear.  

Here are some great key pieces from BR's totally chic and inspiring show. 

 Photos: Elle
Banana Republic A/W 2015 Ready-to-Wear

By the looks of it, it's obvious that Marissa Webb has taken the Banana Republic aesthetic and has given it a little face lift.  Don't get me wrong, Banana Republic is a great place to shop.  You always know what you'll get when you walk in, and that's the thing.  This line doesn't really look like anything Banana Republic would sell (at first glance), but it's so much more.  You can still see the essence of the Banana Republic that we all know an love with a chic, stylish update.  So does this mean that we will soon be swapping out our favorite J. Crew work wear pieces with Banana Republic's fresh new take on casual work wear?  

Video: Retoys



A Sneak Peek at H&M Loves Coachella

WWD recently released a preview of some of the looks for the H&M and Coachella Collab hitting stores next month (see previous post here).  The collection is set to retail from $5 to $50 and debuts on March 19th in 350 stores in North America, everywhere else March 26th.  Exclusive pieces will be available at the pop up shop in early/mid April during Coachella, speaking of which, have you scored your tickets yet?   

Photos: WWD



Stellé Audio Makes Wearable Tech That's Like, So Fetch

I don't know if you've noticed, but earbuds just aren't fashionable.  There have been some out there that come close but when you're on the go (whether you're on the phone or jamming to your favorite tunes) it would be an added bonus if your wearable tech looked a little more you know, chic?  Well with all of the wearable tech popping up from runway shows to start up companies, Stellé Audio knows what we've all been thinking. 

Photo: Stellé Audio
Earbud Locket


The Earbud Locket is Stellé Audio's newest product, so new that it comes out this month (so any day now) and is aimed to be both beautiful and functional for the woman on the go.  This stylish, smart necklace houses Bluetooth earbuds and their chain that acts as a dual chain to the necklace.  Also, this locket has a long lasting rechargeable battery, like most smart tech out there as well as a microphone and a sleek controls that allow you to easily control volume and phone calls.  Black not your thing?  That's ok because the Earbud Necklace comes in 2 colors, Midnight (pictured) and Seabreeze (aquamarine blue).
 Want to know more?  Check out Stellé Audio's blog for more!