Power Hair We Can All Rock at Work This Fall

Let's face it, your appearance at work can make or break your chances at the next promotion or advancement in your career.  If you're dressed to impress and you didn't get a chance to perfect your locks, here's a quick insight that came straight from the runway. 


 You can never go wrong with the classics.  The bun takes only minutes and means business when paired with a power suit.  

 Hair is texture.  Fall is all about luxe textures.  Why not add a luxe twist to your look by braiding your bun (and adding volume for a vintage, Mad Men touch).


The pony is a classic style that never goes out of style.  Try piecing this look together with a twist for instant bonus points from the boss.

(Photos: Harper's Bazaar)

Not everyone can rock the J.Crew "woke up like this" beautiful mess look to work and get away with it (although we wish we could).  But it's still ok for us to let our hair down.  For a feminine look, waves or curls accent our facial bone structures and look great with a collar.



DIY Friday: Kate Spade Inspired Magazine Clutch

Kate Spade is known for her classic, modern style and is an innovator of women's fashion, accessories and home decor.  One of the many must-have Kate Spade pieces was the Vivi Bella Magazine Clutch.  

 Photo: Avenue K

Via Limoni Vivi Bella Magazine Clutch
Kate Spade New York

Here's how you can make your own Vivi Bella Magazine inspired Clutch:
Photo: Darby Smart

Photo: Darby Smart

Here's what you need:
Perfectly Sized Clutch (or one the length and width of a Magazine Cover)
Mod Podge (4 oz.)
Brush or Sponge

Instructions are simple.  Cut your favorite mag cover to fit over the clutch, and attach it via Mod Podge and Glue!  Let it dry and you have an amazing DIY Clutch!


Buy the Magazine Clutch DIY kit at Darby Smart for $29 (free shipping) for the perfect DIY kit!
(Snatch them while they're still in stock)
 Photo: Darby Smart



Product Review Tuesday: JewelMint August

This month, JewelMint's exclusive pieces were curated and inspired by denim blues, rich warm jewel tone hues and lots of sparkle perfect for work and play.  

Tribal Trove Necklace

It's officially the end of summer, and this piece is the perfect transitional piece into fall.  The aztec inspired design of this necklace is what strikes me the most which is accented by a rich teal and burnt orange color combination.  If you're wearing something simple to work, or out on the town this is the piece that will make your look.  This piece I'm sure will sell out and is my favorite from this perfectly curated JewelMint box!

Gem Envy Bracelet

The vintage glam look (and pop of color) of this bracelet is what turned heads at work today.  Not even looking at the exquisite design, but what I think really works for this piece is that the light seafoam and purple color combination which would work well in both fall and winter (and spring too), so this piece has alot of wearable use already.  Great for work but will be a great luxe accent to a simple look.

X Marks The Spot Necklace

There are statement necklaces and there are basic pieces everyone should own.  This necklace is one of them.  In my opinion, statement necklaces are amazing but there comes a time when you just can't wear it with your baseball cap and favorite tshirt.  You just can't.  This necklace is perfect for that instance and many more to add some sparkle to you look and is in a very forgiving length that will make any fashionista (maybe on her way to get groceries) look so much more put together.

This month's box of curated exclusive pieces definitely took me by surprise because I immediately fell in love with all of the pieces (and knew exactly what I would wear with them).  There's usually that one piece you just accept and keep to give to a close friend or family member but I can honestly say that I love all of these pieces.  I've been on the hunt for the perfect simple necklace, and the modern yet minimal take on the pave, X Marks The Spot necklace is absolutely perfect.  Also, fall and transitional pieces are far and few between in a sea of final sale beachy and tribal pieces.  JewelMint made is easy for me this time and truly sent me some beautiful pieces.  



New Fall Wearable Tech Could Save Your Life, Seriously.

Wearable tech is definitely going to be the biggest trend starting this Fall, no doubt.  The days are nearly over where the coolest trend in fashionable tech are ipad and iphone covers.  Women (and men) designers and engineers have been working hard this year finding solutions for that missed technology problem.  Ringly, who I posted about last week, has an app for that (and a ring with a semi-precious stone, a diamond and is 18k matte gold, I'm sold.).  As a woman who can't keep her phone with her constantly, I tend to miss calls, emails and if I run into a dangerous situation my phone won't be easily accessed.  Ladies, Deepa Sood  of Cuff knows your pain and has a fashionable solution.

Video: Cuff and YouTube

So basically, Cuff devices have a Cuff "chip" that you hide inside of specially made baubles or keychain that will share your location with your chosen circle of friends or family (and letting them know if you may be in danger instantly), while also tracking your health and keeping up to date with all of your important notifications.

 Photo: Elle

Photo: Elle

Cuff accessories are not only stunning and modern but not that expensive, either.  You can either buy packages (I recommend this) or all the products independently (of course the cutest cuff is sold out already!).  While you're shopping on their website, you can tell how many other viewers are shopping as well and how many quantities are left, so get them while they're still on pre-order ladies!

Photo: Cuff

  Photo: Cuff

From what I've heard from people I know and articles I've read, alot of parents are buying Cuff smart jewelry for their daughters so they are safe on campus, hanging out with the girls and going on dates.  I know if I had smart jewelry like this when I was in college, my parents would've done the same thing (even if you stay in the dorm most of the time). 

 Photo: Cool Mom Tech

Cuff smart jewelry has also been advertised as jewelry for Grandma too.  Just because she's older doesn't mean she won't love something flashy (that can alert close friends and family in emergencies)!

Photo: Ecouterre

Pre-orders are going on now and won't arrive until Fall (just like Ringly), so make sure you snatch them up before they're all gone!



2 Reasons Why ModCloth Is Everything

ModCloth is making some serious waves in the fashion world right now and you have to be blind not to notice.  The first major news for ModCloth is that they are having a massive sale (just in time for fall and/or Back to School) right now, dozens of new arrivals are 40% off for a limited time so act fast ladies!

(for a limited time only)

Here's a classy (which just came back!) cigarette style denim favorite, which can easily go from  casual to dressy in an instant.  You can even give this vintage denim throwback a modern edge by wearing a graphic tee with a blazer and pointed flats to polish the look.  This mega sale is for a limited time, while supplies last so get your wardrobe needs fast before it's all gone!

note:  This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

ModCloth isn't just contributing to your closet, but to our self esteem and public image as well.  They have officially announced that they are the first retailer to join "Heroes Pledge for Advertisers" who basically give a set of guidelines that limit the use of Photoshop in ads and overall media.  The pledge was drafted by The Brave Girls Alliance who are basically trying to make the public image of women and girls more positive and realistic, while portraying a more healthy body image via social media campaigns.  ModCloth has pledged to "do its best" not to alter the "shape, size, proportion, [or] color" of models in its ads.  If any images have been altered and/or are unrealistic they will post a disclaimer stating that photoshop was used.  In my opinion, ModCloth has always been honest in their photos and advertisements (which I think is a great selling point, especially for an online shop) and this is a great move on their part.  I just hope this inspires other companies to join the cause and create a better environment and society for young women.
Kuddos to you, ModCloth!



Product Review Tuesday: Rocksbox August

This month, my stylist sent me some very stylish and seek pieces that can easily be paired with dressy or casual looks.  What I love about this set is that although they are all different designers, they can be worn together or separately and look amazing.


Pale Pink Druzy Quartz and 14kt Gold Necklace
Christine Lily

This dainty simple necklace is a perfect piece if large statement jewelry isn't your thing.  I love the druzy look and pale pink (and really any soft color) goes perfectly with anything in my wardrobe.  As you can tell from the photos, it can also give any vintage look a modern edge.

Elea Cuff

It's not really fair for me to judge Gorjana because I already love anything Gorjana.  With that said, I decided to try something different with this piece and wear it backwards.  What I love about cuffs are that sometimes you can actually do that and due to the modern frame design of this piece, it actually looks great too.

 Photo: Rocksbox

As you can see from the photo, the cuff has an attractive criss cross design, and is also slightly flexible to fit any wrist. The hammered detailing also adds an "other worldly" sort of vibe which looks great paired with your late summer outfits and can also look classy with your fall pieces as well.  

Faceted Teal Drop Earrings
Lucas Jack

Lucas Jack is a new vendor to me and now possibly a new favorite not only because I love the modern, sleek look of his jewelry but moreso what the company stands for.  Lucas Jack is a fairly new London based company which started in 2006 and uses not mined but recycled gold/metals to make their jewelry and if that isn't enough, a portion of all online sales goes towards children's charity.  So obviously, this lovely pair of earrings is gold plated with recycled gold metal and has a rich jewel toned teal color gem in the middle.  I personally don't like dangle earrings all too much, so this pair of earrings was perfect because they don't move at all and just look fabulous. 

The pieces from this box surprised me (in a good way) because unlike last time, they all went together as a set.  The colors went well with my wardrobe, they all were similar in size and metal and told a story with my clothes really well.  I'll be honest though, I wasn't in love with these pieces initially simply because I am more attracted to larger statement pieces but slowing I'm starting to have a strong affection for simple jewelry and a secret love affair with Marc Jacobs, so it was fate that I received everything in this box.  There's definitely something to be said about simple jewelry and how less is definitely more.  In this case, less gives class a whole new light.  So in the end, would I buy/recommend any of these pieces?  Yes, most definitely.


Style Meets Technology (finally)

There are alot of random posts that pop up on my facebook feed all of the time and I usually roll right over them and don't think anything about it.  This time I had to stop.  I seriously could not believe this not only because I had never heard of it but more so because I didn't know my technology could now match what I'm wearing.  Seriously, someone was thinking for this one.

Photos: Ringly
Ringly is a company that makes smart jewelry that literally flashes and vibrates depending on the types of updates (that normally notify you on your phone) you receive and want to know about.  All you have to do is download the app that is available to both iphone and android, customize it and connect it to your phone.  Done.

Here's the fall lineup:

(Emerald is sold out)

Ringly is currently offering a 25% discount to all new supporters (I'm sure for a limited time), so snatch them up here before they're all gone, ladies!  I just snatched one up and be sure to keep a look for a product review in the Fall! 



Taking Styling Tips From the Boys

We've all done it at one time or another.  Our boyfriend's clothes are not ours, admit it.  Thanks to the new AYR fall collection, we can let our boyfriends wear their clothes again.

Fall has many trends, all of which are luxe mixing the most beautiful patterns and textures.  This season, AYR has brilliantly pulled off the boyfriend look by pairing denim and sneakers with amazing basics with beautifully rich wool jackets, lush slouchy sweaters, and perfect boxy jackets.  While it's so hard to find the perfect fall wardrobe amongst summer final sale leftovers and pre-fall wear that isn't quite what you're looking for, AYR has made a very grown up, simple approach to fall fashion.

Photos: AYR



How to Wear Sneakers Like a Fashion Girl

It's safe to say that the sporty look has been the thing since spring.  Here are some really great examples on how to continue the look into the cooler months.

Photo: Garance Dore

The Olsen's keep their look chic with simple sneakers to complete their business casual look.

Photo: Camille Over the Rainbow

Luxe is big this Fall, so pairing animal print slip ons with an oversized jacket and cropped leather pants make the perfect weekend look.

Who says you can't go preppy with sneakers?  Just pair your favorite sneaks with a wool pea coat,  a cable knit sweater and a structured bag for instant gold.

Photo: HonestlyWTF

Want to rock this look to work (maybe not at work)?  Running shoes look great with a long pencil skirt and a loose fitting top.  For an added bonus, style an oversized jacket over your shoulders with retro inspired sunnies for a too cool for school look. 

Here's an easy weekend look I created all styled around this season's favorite sneaker, the slip on.