Zara Shows Us How to Perfect French Girl Style

When I think of french chic, I instantly think of French New Wave films from the 60's where all of the women were perfectly polished, stripes never went out of style and shift dresses were all the rage (and still are).  Considering I'm not a french woman, but do enjoy french flicks from time to time, a  few familiar themes still ring true with these women, strength and independence.  The latest lookbook from Zara has cultivated the modern french woman, translating their "girl next door", yet boyish style with rich color and clean lines.  

Zara's current collection idealizes one of fall's most popular trends, the brilliant mixing of luxe texture, rich color and hue and polished by clean lines. 









Product Review Tuesday: Front to Back Earrings

Accessory trends have been popping up everywhere from street fashion blogs to celebs and they've become something to talk about.  From ear cuffs to front to back studs, current jewelry trends are about to show us how to accessorize in a whole new way.

Pearl Front to Back Earrings

 Front to back earrings (or 360 earrings) are so fresh and on trend it's almost hard to find them with your norm mainstream retailers, so look to your favorite designers (they're usually your first pick, right?)

So what makes front to back earrings so amazing?  I'll admit it, I was definitely intrigued the first time I saw them.  Dior's pearl front to back studs took summer by storm, which when paired with casual or couture polishes your look perfectly.  Also, you can easily modify these earrings with studs from your own collection.  But Dior was only the beginning.  Front to back earrings are basically art for your lobes in the most unique way (that you can even wear to work, like I did).  


Dior rocked our summer with these amazing pair of earrings that was sported by a handful of celebs and models (Miss Watson included), which also has started to inspire designers and hopefully more retailers in the near future.

Here are a few of my favorite front to back earrings
that on my wishlist:
Tory Burch

Vince Camuto

Alex Earrings
Nasty Gal



Louis Vuitton Redefines Accessory Style

Nicolas Ghesquière designed his first collection for Louis Vuitton with a 60's mod vibe meets futuristic.  I kind of dig it- the bold metal statement jewelry accented by the rich luxe fabrics for fall.  I love it.  These pieces are powerful, yet obviously feminine but that's what the 60's and 70's accessories were mostly about, right? 

A major trend with accessories that I have been watching since summer is the asymmetrical earring (one dangle and the other a stud).  I'll be honest, it's not for everyone.  I tried it in high school back in the late 90's and it worked but Ghesquière really worked his magic.  From experience, the only way to make this look work is to have a killer dangle earring (and I'm not talking chandelier) and in this case this is a killer dangle.  

Photos: Interview Magazine
Photographer: Gregory Harris 
Stylist: Elin Svahn



There's a New Tech in Town and She's High Class

Hold onto your wallets ladies, there's new smart jewelry coming this winter straight from the runway.  I'll be honest, I've been waiting for this to happen for a little while.  I've been watching and blogging  about the insanely fast rise of smart jewelry since the summer (read about it here and here) and am so excited for the Intel and Opening Ceremony collab launching this winter (literally, just in time for the holidays).

Announced Wednesday, this bracelet is the new thing.  Dazed photographer, Collier Schorr shot the campaign featuring Kirsten Owen and Ajak Deng and finally high fashion meets technology.  But the question remains, what makes this version of smart jewelry different from the others and is it worth it?

Photo:  Intel and Opening Ceremony

Photo: Intel and Opening Ceremony

There's no doubt about the stunning, sleek look of this bracelet with it's semi-precious stones, snakeskin texture and curved touch screen display (that's right, ladies).  It really makes you rethink the point of your smart phone and other smart accessories you may own.  According to Dazed, Intel and Opening Ceremony haven't really said a whole lot about what this bracelet actually does, but maybe this will be a pre-order now and worry about that later kind of a thing.  Intel's VP and GM for Business Development and Strategy, Aysegul Ildeniz told Fast Company that it's basically a beautiful high fashion bracelet that connects women with their friends, co-workers, loved ones, etc. so they won't have to use their phone.  So basically, it's like Ringly but a bracelet, right?  Wrong.  It's more (sorry Ringly, you're still amazing).  Due to the fact that it has a touch screen, it will display (and maybe vibrate) notifications and basic health monitoring functions (it's not a fitness or health band), has 3G radio and might have it's own apps.  A rep also told Fast Company that the price point is under $1,000 maybe closer to $500. Although these bracelets won't be available until December at Barney's and select Opening Ceremony locations, they'll appear on the runway tomorrow at NYFW so keep a look out.

With all of that in mind, let's have a look at other tech that paved the way for this amazing collab and who the competition is, really.

Photo: Tory Burch

Fashion designers are really jumping on the smart accessory trend and transforming technology from a cool accessory to a normal everyday needed accessory that not only looks great but also is an everyday item that will connect with your cell phone (or maybe replace it in the near future).  In this case Tory Burch teamed up with Fitbit to give us a well designed, fitness tracker that tracks not only your fitness but sleep as well.  

Photo: Google and Net-A-Porter

Photo: Net-A-Porter 

Back in 2013, Google came out with Google Glass glasses that are actually still in beta form and took some serious hits based on their $1500 price point and what most fashionistas called "ugly" design.  Well, last June Diane von Furstenberg collaborated with Google to design some fashion forward designs for this tech wonder.  NBC also stated that Google partnered with Oakley and Ray-Ban as well.  

Let's face it, smart jewelry and tech in general is forcing itself into our lives in a big way.  From fashion designers to entrepreneurs, there is a lot of tech out there at varying price points and designs.  There's something out there for everyone (now that fashion designers are on board) from more simple, universal jewelry designs such as with Cuff, to high fashion designs from the latest Intel/Opening Ceremony collab.  Basically, if you're willing to fork over the cash, you can look stylish and get messages from your boss straight from your jewelry, almost.  



Natalie Morales Gets A Living Room Makeover From One Kings Lane

News Anchor Natalie Morales saught out One Kings Lane for a living room makeover to better suit her growing family and styling needs.  Lucky for us, One Kings Lane graciously gave us the insider look on her new dibs and the 411 on how to steal her stylish look.

As an active mom with a growing family, Natalie Morales wanted an updated stylish look that was also very kid-friendly.  One Kings Lane was up for the challenge, while incorporating some of Natalie's favorite colors and staying modern while keeping with her home's traditional style.

Natalie's new organized space is stylish yet beautiful (and easy to recreate).  What really makes this space unique is the story it tells.  Found objects and/or family heirlooms used as design elements on a book shelf (or any shelving unit really) help make the space look inviting and interesting.  Baskets such as the Natural Wood Baskets (which come in both round and square) used in Natalie's new space are great for storing large or multiple objects that are used often.

 I just love the metallics used in homes today, which make them look more modern with a vintage Hollywood feel.  Not matter the size of your home, metallics will add instant luxe to your space without looking trashy.  Such is the case with Natalie's new living room.  This amazing modern designed stool interacts perfectly with her original vintage fireplace, all the while making this space 

To see more of this glamorous collection go here and to read more about Natalie's interview with Better Homes & Gardens and to watch a tour of her new stylish space go here!



Straight From the Set of "Last Weekend" with One Kings Lane


One Kings Lane is having a massive sale (which ends tomorrow) on the props from Last Weekend (which have already sold out, bummer!) starring Academy Award Nominee Patricia Clarkson but also a vintage finds collection curated by the writer and co-director of the new comedic drama, Tom Dolby.

Here's a quick look at some of the great pieces from the actual set:

Here are some vintage finds curated by Tom Dolby that are still available:

note:  This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Snatch up these beautiful finds before they're gone and have an amazing Labor Day weekend!


Power Hair We Can All Rock at Work This Fall

Let's face it, your appearance at work can make or break your chances at the next promotion or advancement in your career.  If you're dressed to impress and you didn't get a chance to perfect your locks, here's a quick insight that came straight from the runway. 


 You can never go wrong with the classics.  The bun takes only minutes and means business when paired with a power suit.  

 Hair is texture.  Fall is all about luxe textures.  Why not add a luxe twist to your look by braiding your bun (and adding volume for a vintage, Mad Men touch).


The pony is a classic style that never goes out of style.  Try piecing this look together with a twist for instant bonus points from the boss.

(Photos: Harper's Bazaar)

Not everyone can rock the J.Crew "woke up like this" beautiful mess look to work and get away with it (although we wish we could).  But it's still ok for us to let our hair down.  For a feminine look, waves or curls accent our facial bone structures and look great with a collar.