A Sneak Peek into Nicole Richie's Newest House of Harlow Campaign

Nicole Richie, designer and queen of style, invited WhoWhatWear to the set of her newest campaign for House of Harlow 1960 featuring a vintage inspired mix of oversized, edgy baubles that define glam.  To see more behind the scene photos and an exclusive interview with Nicole Ritchie, go here but to see the latest in Richie designs, shop House of Harlow 1960.

Photos:  Jenna Peffley and WhoWhatWear



RocksBox October Product Review

As cold weather sneaks up on us, it's vital to have transitional pieces to go with our luxe, textured fabrics of the season.  This Rocksbox set (put together by my awesome stylist) sums up everything we need to know about how to accessorize this fall.

Blackbird Collar Necklace

It's almost not fair for me to review anything about House of Harlow jewelry because {one} Nicole Richie is one of my fashion idols {two} I've used House of Harlow accessories for numerous photo styling projects and I love her style, I'll admit it I'm biased.  So with this piece, I'll cut to the chase.  The length is perfect to a v-neck top and the design is simple but is a great accent to any outfit.  The weight is light enough to not weigh down too much but also heavy enough to not move on it's own while wearing.  Perfection, in my opinion.

 Chloe Diamond Studs

If you've ready any of my other reviews you'll know how I feel about Gorjana's chic designs.  The simple hammered texture of these diamond shaped studs dresses up and outfit, while adding interest at the same time.  If I've learned anything at all from Gorjana, it's how to look timeless and chic without being decked out in bling.

Bling On Bracelet
Urban Gem 

I always love receiving Urban Gem pieces in my sets, my absolute favorite jewelry vendor with Rocksbox hands down.  I love pave and the chain design is very classic and can be worn with any outfit this fall.  This bracelet is a must have not only for the design but the weight is very light (compared to other chain bracelets that I own, sorry J.Crew but we still adore you) which can be a plus if you give say presentations, style for photoshoots, sit at a computer at work (ehem).  

This Rocksbox set literally read my mind (and my heart) because I absolutely love everything from this set!   Although I was already familiar with all of the vendors, the pieces that were chosen for me from my stylist surprised me because honestly I was surprised by the amazing designs.I work with House of Harlow alot with clients, so I am pretty familiar with her pieces but I've never come across this necklace from this set.  In essence, I'm honestly loving everything and can't believe how spot on my stylist got it.  


Zara Shows Us How to Perfect French Girl Style

When I think of french chic, I instantly think of French New Wave films from the 60's where all of the women were perfectly polished, stripes never went out of style and shift dresses were all the rage (and still are).  Considering I'm not a french woman, but do enjoy french flicks from time to time, a  few familiar themes still ring true with these women, strength and independence.  The latest lookbook from Zara has cultivated the modern french woman, translating their "girl next door", yet boyish style with rich color and clean lines.  

Zara's current collection idealizes one of fall's most popular trends, the brilliant mixing of luxe texture, rich color and hue and polished by clean lines. 









Product Review Tuesday: Front to Back Earrings

Accessory trends have been popping up everywhere from street fashion blogs to celebs and they've become something to talk about.  From ear cuffs to front to back studs, current jewelry trends are about to show us how to accessorize in a whole new way.

Pearl Front to Back Earrings

 Front to back earrings (or 360 earrings) are so fresh and on trend it's almost hard to find them with your norm mainstream retailers, so look to your favorite designers (they're usually your first pick, right?)

So what makes front to back earrings so amazing?  I'll admit it, I was definitely intrigued the first time I saw them.  Dior's pearl front to back studs took summer by storm, which when paired with casual or couture polishes your look perfectly.  Also, you can easily modify these earrings with studs from your own collection.  But Dior was only the beginning.  Front to back earrings are basically art for your lobes in the most unique way (that you can even wear to work, like I did).  


Dior rocked our summer with these amazing pair of earrings that was sported by a handful of celebs and models (Miss Watson included), which also has started to inspire designers and hopefully more retailers in the near future.

Here are a few of my favorite front to back earrings
that on my wishlist:
Tory Burch

Vince Camuto

Alex Earrings
Nasty Gal



Louis Vuitton Redefines Accessory Style

Nicolas Ghesquière designed his first collection for Louis Vuitton with a 60's mod vibe meets futuristic.  I kind of dig it- the bold metal statement jewelry accented by the rich luxe fabrics for fall.  I love it.  These pieces are powerful, yet obviously feminine but that's what the 60's and 70's accessories were mostly about, right? 

A major trend with accessories that I have been watching since summer is the asymmetrical earring (one dangle and the other a stud).  I'll be honest, it's not for everyone.  I tried it in high school back in the late 90's and it worked but Ghesquière really worked his magic.  From experience, the only way to make this look work is to have a killer dangle earring (and I'm not talking chandelier) and in this case this is a killer dangle.  

Photos: Interview Magazine
Photographer: Gregory Harris 
Stylist: Elin Svahn