Product Review Tuesday: Jewelmint July VIP BOX

I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting this at all.  It's hot out, the middle of summer and here comes a beautifully packaged box full of vintage inspired feminine jewelry.  I fell in love.  I literally love each and every piece, but you'd have to be crazy not to.   

Pastel pink is like my black.  It literally goes with everything I wear (and is also one of my wedding colors).  I love and have always loved this style of necklace (I also have it in orange) which looks stunning with both sets of earrings.  

Pink Vita Necklace

Let's talk about this necklace, because that's what grabbed my attention (and what I'm sure you want to know more about right now).  How perfect is it?  Pale pink (and most pastels, done the right way) looks good on every skin tone in my opinon.  At first I was a little dissapointed with the length, but after wearing it around my collar I loved it because is was a perfect hint of sparkle and subtle color.  This necklace is the necklace, especially if you are going from day to night, which leads you to the next piece, those earrings.

Le Petit Bow Earrings

My favorite feature about the VIP Box is that you don't receive random pieces of jewelry in one shipment, instead you are presented with pieces that not only go well together but also have more than one look/purpose.  The same goes for these amazing bow earrings (oh yea, I'm also obsessed with bows).  These perfect little bow earrings are so versatile.  You can wear them out to dress up an outfit or wear them to accent (or neutral piece) other jewelry you are wearing currently.  Either way, they are a perfect piece that adds a little sparkle to complete a look without being too obvious.

Desert Hoops

I'm not a big hoop girl fan, but these earrings are very different and I kind of like them.  They are a little understated, and are adorned with beautiful pink stones (pink stones, seriously who thinks of this).  I love the moden, symmetrical designs of the ingraved lines and stone placement, which is something that I haven't seen for a while (at least on hoop earrings).

Lock Cuff
(far left)

The cuff is such a cute idea, and really would make a great gift for any age.  It's very comfortable (not really adjustable or bendable fyi), has an antique look which is accentuated by not only the brass but the key and keyhole as well, so cute!  As I styled it above, it is also a really great layering piece as it's not a huge cuff so it could be worn with other jewelry comfortably.

Overall, I loved this Jewelmint VIP Box!  In a previous Jewelmint review, I had the chance to try out one of their Mystery Boxes.  The Mystery Box packaging and jewelry choices vs. the VIP Box is definitely less in comparision to the VIP Box.  Of course keeping in mind that the Mystery box is based on random pieces that are sent to you in a nice draw string bag vs. with the VIP box an actual box made for the jewelry.  In my opinion, I would try the Mystery box again, but with the mindset that probably not all the pieces will be a "set" as the VIP box is set up (and I'm ok with that, surpirses are fun).

The jewelry in this VIP box are great pieces that I will wear over and over again.  I obviously  immediately fell in love with the necklace and bow earrings that came together in this box.  What really made the whole experience was that the cuff and hoop earrings could be worn with the otehr pieces as a set as well, so you can literally wear everything together, if you want.  The overall look of the pieces were stunning and had a sort of vintage french look to them, which is also very stunning (and perfect for fall and winter).  My VIP box experience in one word?  Obsessed!



My Wedding Look for September

1.  Olivia Palermo for Brides Magazine
2. Urban Gem (Shot and Styled by me)
5.  Coach (Shot and Styled by me)
7.  Wedding Rings (Artisan Made, also Shot and Styled by me)
8.  Pinterest

I never wanted a huge wedding, a princess gown or a huge rock on my finger (no offense those who do, I'm sure you look or will look lovely).  I'm a career woman who uses her hands for a living but I always did want something intimate, simple and elegant.  Evens and I got engaged back in 2011 and since then we had been slowly planning out the details.     

Evens always wanted to get me a huge ring but I have always liked something a little more simple, this was our compromise.  In the end, I think it's perfect.  We both found artisans to make eachother's rings and we couldn't be happier with the end result (even though he thinks they look like they're from Game of Thrones).

My wedding look is definitely workwear inspired.  I just love shift dresses.  I tried to love other styles (and I did) but I always came back to the shift.  It's reliable, you always look good and it has simple, yet flattering lines.  I found mine at Ann Taylor for under $100 (don't hate me, it was a flash sale), which I plan on pairing with a blazer styled over my shoulders.  Simple Kate Spade posts and a couple of layers of statement jewelry around my neck, with my favorite Coach flats that I bought for $50 (I know) that will complete the look.  Of course a beautiful bouquet of succulents to tie it all together.   

We plan on going to the courthouse this September to get married and then have a ceremony with both of our families in Florida next year around the same time at an art gallery.  We both have a deep appreciation for nature and a calm atmosphere so this is probably more along the lines of what we are thinking.  Luckily, we both have an art/design background so we will be designing everything so we can really enjoy the wedding planning process and time with our families (which is what it's about anyway).



My Fav Wedding Inspired Looks from Couture Week in Paris

As time is winding down for my own wedding this fall, I was anxious to see what they had in store vs. what is already on the market. 

Here's my favorite picks:

Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2014

Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2014

Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 2014

Elie Saab Haute Couture Fall 2014

Elie Saab Haute Couture Fall 2014

Georges Hobeika Haute Couture Fall 2014

Ulyana Sergeenko Haute Couture Fall 2014

Images via Vogue Paris and Harper's Bazaar

Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Fall 2014



Product Review Tuesday: 9th & Elm for Pre-Fall

I was so excited when I was invited by 9th & Elm to review some of their pieces (they are offically my new go to for accessories)!  9th & Elm, handmade and independent designs, offer not only jewelry, but also scarves, clothes, handbags, and so much more.  If you know me at all (or follow me on instagram), I am addicted to jewelry probably the most of everything simply because jewelry is so versatile.  As a Photo Stylist, I am always meeting with clients at various times of the day and week so I'm all about going from day to night in a short amount of time.  9th & Elm is a great resource for this because they literally have jewelry for everyone. When I was browsing their site, I was literally seeing all of the current trends in accessories, various price points and a wide array of talented designers.  As we near the end of summer in a few short months, I specifically chose pieces for pre-fall that would be great for day to night.  As with other reviews, I like to try the pieces out for a day to see how I like them and the feedback of those around me.

Dress: J. Crew
Jewelry: 9th & Elm
              Kate Spade

I literally had so many compliments on these studs!  These are such a great pair of studs for fall/winter because they are so classic and will go with absolutely everything. They originally caught my attention because they are made from a mold of actual sharkteeth (seriously, who thought of this?) and the brush of gold adds a polished flair that makes these earrings both casual and dressy, depending on the situation (I'm also currently obsessing over the white pair available here).  

14k Crusted Crystal Ear Cuff

I'm personally loving that ear cuffs are back right now.  Sparkle is always in and what a great place to wear it, opposed to and/or on the finger, around the neck and wrists.  9th & Elm has some really great options and this one I thought would be great for going out.  It also works great as a sort of "layering" piece because you can add other earrings to accent it!

Brown Druzy Bib Necklace

I just love the druzy look and what I love about this piece is the gold edging which adds a more sophisticated touch (opposed to without, which is much more casual).  I feel like you can't really wear druzy all year aorund because it's more of a summer look mainly (ie. Free People) but this piece is classy enough you can definitely sport it during the cooler months as well.  I highly recommend shopping 9th & Elm's druzy pieces, they are stunning!

Jacket:  Guess
Sweater:  Ann Taylor
Denim:  David Kahn
Jewelry:  9th & Elm

Brown Tortoise Acrylic Necklace

Tortoise is huge this Fall (especially with emerald green, black and white and/or jewel tones), it's a classic print that never goes out of style and looks great one everyone.  I love the simplicity and edgy design of this necklace and it can easily be dressed up or down. Also with similiarly designed bib style necklaces, I've noticed the chain isn't long enough to fit nicely around the collar, this piece (as you can see) is obviously perfection. 

Black Velvet and Gold Chain Bracelet

The 90's are still trending and the "chunky chain" look is still very hot (that's ok, because I love it).  This piece would look great in the office, but also could dress up something more casual.  Textures like velvet, fur, suede, etc. (also like a few years ago), are popular again for the colder months so the velvet accent to this is really a great touch. The actual chain looks like more of a "vintage" classy (more like vintage 90's Chanel) type look with more of a modern edge.  Surprisingly enough, this bracelet looks great on smaller wrists like mine and isn't heavy whatsoever.

In essence, 9th & Elm is an overall great online shop that offers more than most and to various types of customers with varying tastes.  The quality for what you actually buy is totally worth it (all jewelry is handmade) and you will be guaranteed great pieces that are unique and are made by talented artisans and jewelry designers.  9th & Elm has a huge following and since all pieces are handmade, they can be gone fast, so be sure to buy it when you see it (which is a good thing).  There is always new stock, which is something I always like, and flash sales quite frequently so 9th & Elm is really thinking about their customer base and how to sell to them efficiently.  Would I buy from them again?  Absolutely!



Alexis Bittar to Launch Beauty Line

Everyone's favorite jewelry line just made women more beautiful, in yet another way.  According to Refinery 29, Alexis Bittar is launching a beauty line with Sephora!  Everything pictured above (except the jewelry of course) will come int he 3-piece set: gold tipped brushes with onyx stand, cosmetic, and gold compact.  

For those of you who aren't familiar with his pieces, here are a couple of my current fav's:


$197.50 (on sale right now)



Alexis Bittar has a style that is so unique, it's almost impossible not to look beautiful.  As you can tell, there are a variety of price runs ranging from around $150 to just past $4,000, with all styles stunning no matter the simplicity of the piece.  His pieces look to be vintage inpsired, but also modern with the organic shapes used in this work.  With all of that in mind, I'm definitely interested to see his collab with Sephora in October!



Kaleah Horton Shares Her Thoughts on the Industry and Social Media

As a Photo Stylist, and someone who works in the design and fashion industry there have been articles floating around about "sought after" [full time] fashion and art jobs such as art direction, styling, fashion photographer, fashion designer (I could go on) becoming more of a freelance gig. What does that mean for us creative types? Well, it could mean working more than one job and for some, that's not a lifestyle that they could handle. In a previous post, I gave advice to recent grads just joining the industry (which can be seen here) and Refinery29 writes a blurb about how they see the industry changing in the future. With all of this in mind, I decided to track down fellow creative, Kaleah Horton to see what she had to say on the matter.

A: So what is it that you do and how long have you been working in this career/job?
K: I work as a video editor for Express. I've been with the company for about 3 years now.
A: What is your background? K: I received a degree in traditional advertising and graphic design. So much of my focus in school was on print media. A: Did you make any job choices prior to your degree that helped you get to where you are today? K: Maybe not so much prior but while I was getting my degree I did A TON of freelance work. I think that helped a lot. Plus it exposed me to a lot of different types of work that I really wasn't doing while I was in school.

A: Do you have an other passions that you pursue outside of work? Tell me what your journey has been like as an artist/designer thus far and how you got to be where you are today. K: Luckily my passions tie into to my work! I think you'll find that a lot with creatives. I've always loved films. I'm a self-professed homebody so I watch A LOT of movies and TV shows. I never really thought I would be making them. A lot of my editing skills and technical training has all been thru experience at jobs or self taught and it comes from just watching how a scene or short is cut, shot, colored, lit, etc. Then of course I want to try it at work! Most of the time though outside of work I just do more work! I'm a workaholic, so I do freelance projects on top of my day job but I try to take on projects that I feel will let me flex some design muscles I don't get to use at my day job. A lot of them are traditional design, logos and print, etc. I think once you've found something you really love doing you just don't stop! Ever!

A: With the advent of social media apps and advanced technology as a whole, nobody's are becoming somebody's with a post of a picture on Instagram. ASOS just hired a model from Instagram last week, companies check social media now in addition to their resume when hiring. What's your take on this and do you feel that you can "work technology" enough to stay up with current social trends when that involves putting yourself out there for possible work? I know getting a degree was a lot of hard work but in today's society with social media ruling do you sometimes feel that getting a degree was worth it or wasn't in the long run? K: I have this conversation a lot with friends on whether we could have gotten to where we are now without a degree. And I do have friends who don't have degrees and are getting jobs in the art world (photographers, designers, etc.). To be honest, I personally could not have learned what I know now without my degree. I never regret getting it! You sort of just learn "the rules" from school and it's a great resource for developing technical skills. On the flip side and especially in the fashion and creative world there's the talent factor. Models just have "the look", stylists just have the knack for knowing what looks great on someone. While I think school really helps hone skills, I do really believe there's a tiny bit of something that a person realizes they're pretty good at AND is actually interested in pursuing that thing. This is a hard question to really give a "yes, definitely go to school" answer to because in the art world there is no right or wrong path. I think the social media layer is just a great marketing tool really. Social media is just exposing your creativity on a different platform, its not the thing that IS creative about you or your work. Companies are looking in all kinds of places for talent now because it's free and accessible and people are willing put their work out there. When that work or talent goes viral, of course companies want a piece of it! Most companies like ASOS though are doing competitions for these kinds of avenues. Free People did something like it a couple months ago as well. Its kind of like talent shows on TV (Project Runway, ANTM, etc.), it's still a competition just a different delivery. So now it just takes a whole hell of a lot less time for a nobody to become a somebody these days!

A: You've been in the business for a while now, in school I'm sure you were taught to have a resume, portfolio, etc., but have you noticed any change in the job market in terms of more freelance work vs. full time work and have the requirements changed? Do you foresee your job as more of a freelance gig in the future and what are your thoughts on this? K: Actually my job specifically as an editor heavily weighs on the freelance side. Most companies don't have an in-house video team and even a lot of our video is outsourced to freelancers. For video specifically, I think you might see a shift in the corporate world, where they will have full time positions for people who can do some of this stuff. Instagram, Vine, these huge apps that have video features, Facebook, Youtube, someone has to make all that content. However I think the fashion world is seeing a boom in freelancers. A lot of that is thanks to the blogosphere and social media. Lots of bloggers are not only bloggers but stylists, models, designers, etc. as well. Companies not only hire them for the work they will create but also for the audience they will bring with them. As for requirements, coming out of school with a resume and portfolio probably won't change drastically. Those things are a testament to what you can do and your personal style of work. I think the way you serve them up is what's changing. Not only do you need a resume and examples of work, you need a digital footprint as well. Employers are looking at personal websites and definitely researching your social sites as well!

A: Now, let's take this back to your off time with your passions. Do you take anything from your day job to your freelance work, and do you think this is relevant/important? K: All the time! I think as an artist or designer you're constantly applying what you're learning from either freelance or a full time job to vice versa. And even taking things from work and applying them to passion projects or personal work and the other way around. I think its so important to keep that balance too with work and personal work. You really need a break to just create something, it sort of revives your work life I've found. I recently edited a video for work that was sort of just an exercise for me to just create something different than what I was doing and it got reviewed to become a real project for Express! A: Do you have any advice for art and design enthusiasts out there? K: Don't stop creating whatever it is you want to! Learn as much as you can about what it is your passionate about and more than likely it will become your day job.

Kaleah currently lives in Columbus, OH and traveling is generally her favorite thing to do. She usually hangs out at the movies or goes to concerts with friends, runs around with her dog and cat and plays the piano for them if they'll sit and listen long enough!

You want to see what Kaleah does for a living? Check out her amazing work at www.kaleahh.com! You can also follow Kaleah on her twitter and instagram @kaleahh (and fall in love with her dog and cat photos)!



20% Off Tory Burch Today Only!

All of my friends know that I am obsessed with Tory Burch.
I was especially in love with her Fall and Spring '14 collections and can't wait to wear more of her pieces because all sale merch is 20% off (today only)!  

Here are my fav's so far:

8. (Out of Stock already!)


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