Product Review Tuesday: JewelMint August


This month, JewelMint's exclusive pieces were curated and inspired by denim blues, rich warm jewel tone hues and lots of sparkle perfect for work and play.  


Tribal Trove Necklace

It's officially the end of summer, and this piece is the perfect transitional piece into fall.  The aztec inspired design of this necklace is what strikes me the most which is accented by a rich teal and burnt orange color combination.  If you're wearing something simple to work, or out on the town this is the piece that will make your look.  This piece I'm sure will sell out and is my favorite from this perfectly curated JewelMint box!

Gem Envy Bracelet

The vintage glam look (and pop of color) of this bracelet is what turned heads at work today.  Not even looking at the exquisite design, but what I think really works for this piece is that the light seafoam and purple color combination which would work well in both fall and winter (and spring too), so this piece has alot of wearable use already.  Great for work but will be a great luxe accent to a simple look.

X Marks The Spot Necklace

There are statement necklaces and there are basic pieces everyone should own.  This necklace is one of them.  In my opinion, statement necklaces are amazing but there comes a time when you just can't wear it with your baseball cap and favorite tshirt.  You just can't.  This necklace is perfect for that instance and many more to add some sparkle to you look and is in a very forgiving length that will make any fashionista (maybe on her way to get groceries) look so much more put together.

This month's box of curated exclusive pieces definitely took me by surprise because I immediately fell in love with all of the pieces (and knew exactly what I would wear with them).  There's usually that one piece you just accept and keep to give to a close friend or family member but I can honestly say that I love all of these pieces.  I've been on the hunt for the perfect simple necklace, and the modern yet minimal take on the pave, X Marks The Spot necklace is absolutely perfect.  Also, fall and transitional pieces are far and few between in a sea of final sale beachy and tribal pieces.  JewelMint made is easy for me this time and truly sent me some beautiful pieces.  


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