2 Reasons Why ModCloth Is Everything


ModCloth is making some serious waves in the fashion world right now and you have to be blind not to notice.  The first major news for ModCloth is that they are having a massive sale (just in time for fall and/or Back to School) right now, dozens of new arrivals are 40% off for a limited time so act fast ladies!

(for a limited time only)

Here's a classy (which just came back!) cigarette style denim favorite, which can easily go from  casual to dressy in an instant.  You can even give this vintage denim throwback a modern edge by wearing a graphic tee with a blazer and pointed flats to polish the look.  This mega sale is for a limited time, while supplies last so get your wardrobe needs fast before it's all gone!

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ModCloth isn't just contributing to your closet, but to our self esteem and public image as well.  They have officially announced that they are the first retailer to join "Heroes Pledge for Advertisers" who basically give a set of guidelines that limit the use of Photoshop in ads and overall media.  The pledge was drafted by The Brave Girls Alliance who are basically trying to make the public image of women and girls more positive and realistic, while portraying a more healthy body image via social media campaigns.  ModCloth has pledged to "do its best" not to alter the "shape, size, proportion, [or] color" of models in its ads.  If any images have been altered and/or are unrealistic they will post a disclaimer stating that photoshop was used.  In my opinion, ModCloth has always been honest in their photos and advertisements (which I think is a great selling point, especially for an online shop) and this is a great move on their part.  I just hope this inspires other companies to join the cause and create a better environment and society for young women.
Kuddos to you, ModCloth!


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