Who Was In Your Top 8?


Could we seriously take a minute to figure out what we were we doing in the early 00's?  I recently stumbled upon my old MySpace from college and it made me wonder how we spent that much time on a simple, social media website.  Seriously though, what did we even do?  I remember being on there for it seems like hours with my friends sharing our favorite music, bands, artists, literally everything.  Going through my old MySpace it was crazy to see how time has changed, my music choices have evolved (although not that horrible back then apparently), relationships have evolved.  There were people in my Top 8 and friends lists that I didn't even know or remember.  How does this even happen?  All I have to say is that I must've been super social to say the least.  Also, during this time Facebook was still basically beta so MySpace was it.  That's all we had.  That and texting basically (that's right, this is before Blackberry's even came out, so we couldn't even check out emails from our phones yet).  Yes, we actually had to use our phones for talking.

Flash forward almost 10 years and social media has a completely new purpose.  Social Media isn't about gathering information or just talking to friends anymore but also making money.  MySpace is dead,  Facebook is on it's way out, and social media apps like Instagram and SnapChat are the main source of communication.  Let's not even get into how many marriages have fallen apart due to this obsession.  I can't tell you how many of my own personal friends have had to go on a "social media cleanse" or break to remember how to be a human again.  It kind of makes you wonder if they knew that this would be an outcome or such a simplistic idea of communication.  Needless to say, in years past I tried to delete my MySpace account but had no luck so it's here to stay as a reminder of how the social media business started in the first place.  For those of you who remember MySpace, this will most likely be a comical and cringe-worthy reminder and for those who are completely new to MySpace, this is how it was believe it or not.

Photo: MySpace

Here it is, the typical myspace profile picture.  Do you remember these?  If not, this is what a selfie looked like, pre selfie stick.  If you remember these were also usually in black and white.  Ha.

Here's the "I posed for my friend's Ad project" photo.  Art School kids will know what I mean.  I remember I strolled onto campus one morning and before you know it, I had a donut on my face.  Also, most likely last night's or yesterday's clothes.  

Photo: MySpace

Almost every artist has gone through the "I can make creepy art" phase, here was mine.  Luckily for me, it was short lived.  2007 was a good year for my photography in art school.  All of my hard work was finally starting to get noticed and had started to pop up everywhere so it was an obvious choice to show this one off on MySpace.  So good.

Photo: MySpace

Oh yeah, the "I still love this picture but we're not dating anymore" photo.  We all knew someone (even if it was ourselves) who had one.  When I saw this I felt terror followed immediately by laughter because I can't believe this will be on the internet forever.  Definitely cringe-worthy but I love it.  Back then, I modeled for my friends alot and sometimes that meant that whoever I was dating at the time had to model too.  It happens.  But that's the thing that makes it so great, no matter who and where you are in your life now, this is who you were.  It's a little piece of history.    

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