How to Rock Maternity Style Without Wearing Maternity Clothes in 3 Easy steps


Maternity clothes are expensive.  You shouldn't have to pay $80 for a poly blend top that you only wear for a few months.  When I was pregnant, I felt the same way and was lucky enough to not have to wear any maternity clothes at all thanks to a few styling tricks I figured out along the way.  

Pregnancy is different for all women.  Some women have to wear maternity clothes as early as 8 weeks while others don't have to wear them until 30 weeks, it's just how it is.  Either way, there's a way around dressing the bump without dipping into your savings.

Wear a Belt

At some point during your pregnancy, you're going to have to "create a waist".  Finding a dress or top  that either comes with a belt or using your own is key.  Also, you'll be happy that you have a shape again (even if it's an illusion).

  South of France Blue and Ivory Print Maxi Dress

Tunics and Leggings

Let's be clear about this one, leggings are never pants even when you're pregnant.  It's important to be comfortable as long as you're covered, literally.  Tunics are a great way to look put together even if you feel extra bloated or extra pregnant that day.

High-Low Knot Tunic

Belly Bands for Days

Do you ever see those photos of super pregnant women still wearing their obvious pre pregnant jeans?  That's right, their pants are completely unzipped and unbuttoned but it's ok because they have a belly band.  Don't expect to do this all throughout your pregnancy but at least you can rock your favorite jeans for a little while.

Blanqi Belly Band

It's not a secret that dressing your bump will be more of a challenge the further along that you go, but that doesn't mean that you can't have fun while doing it.  Enjoy the miracle that pregnancy truly is as long as you can and don't forget to show off your beautiful bump!

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