Where to Shop if You're Looking to Get Away This Weekend


We get it, you've been working inside all summer and you've got a getaway planned this weekend but couldn't find anything to wear.  Reformation's July collection has you covered, everything from flowy, feminine ruffles to chic, edgy cuts all with a vintage 70's vibe.  

Pretty much everything you could want from a summer collection.


This dress has obvious appeal.  Breathable facbric, unique cut that would look good on just about everyone and it can also be used as a beach cover up.  The Westlake Dress also comes in 5 colors, it's just a click away.

$98 and $148

This super cute combo is a must if you're planning on taking the scenic tour (kind of like a modern take on Marianne from Gillian's Island...just not the being lost part, of course) or just plan on relaxing on the beach and finally catching up on some much needed reading.  Either way, you're comfortable and stylish which in the end, that's all that matters. 


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