The Kickstarter Campaign That You Should Be Getting Excited About


Any fashion lover would love to wear something unique, that's a conversation starter (with functionality being a plus).  Analog Watch Co's Mason watch is literally the first watch made with real marble, combined with authentic Swiss made movement and handcrafted straps (marbled straps available as well) so it's like a classic work of art for your wrist.

Backed by celebrity Hilary Duff, Fast Company Design called the Mason Watch "A Rolex for Michelangelo, it's made out of marble".  Designed more as an accessory, this watch was inspired by nature and to show a sense of luxury and personal style.

Did it work?  We think so.   

Originally designed as a well-crafted, beautiful unisex watch, the Mason Watch has interchangeable hand crafted straps in tan, black and marble.  This watch plans to retail at $399, but is available for pre-order starting at $165 on their kickstarter.

We're not playing favorites, but this one is totally our favorite.

For the full story on the Analog Watch Co. (and to see what else they're up to) go here and if you want to get your own Mason watch on pre-order check out their kickstarter.

(Literally, there's only five days left!)


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