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Before we all throw on all black and sport our on trend Sorel's to brave the cold, it's time to take a minute and keep our winter wear in the back of the closet (at least for a few more weeks). 

Color is a thing this season, and a great way to get excited for and transition into the colder months.  This time, Jewelmint opted for updated timeless designed pieces mixed with on trend, edgy styles.
Your fall wardrobe will thank you.

Perforated Pearl Earrings

Front to back earrings are a huge "it" piece and have been since last spring (see my review here) and I'm so glad because they are so easy to dress up or down.  By themselves, the perforated pearl earrings can be worn at stand alone pearl studs, but to add a little edge to your look, you can add the back jacket for instant glam.

 Regal Crest Necklace

Jewel tones are a must for fall and look great with every skin tone.  The Regal Crest Necklace by design is a great statement necklace, especially when paired with the Charmed Knight Bracelet below.  While this piece isn't too large to wear to work with a button down, it also looks great with a classic fit and flare dress for going out.

 Charmed Knight Bracelet

In my opinion, baroque inspired pieces are perfect for fall and instantly adds instant luxe to any look.  This simple but delicate bracelet when paired with statement jewelry or worn by itself, is a statement piece all it's own.  Although I was wearing it by itself above, this piece can be easily stacked with like statement bracelets or more simple ones for a stand out statement.

 Jewelmint's styled set this month was a rich assortment of timeless pieces with a modern flair.  Although cold weather is well on it's way, color is a great way to transition your closet into fall.  The Regal Crest Necklace when paired with the Charmed Knight Bracelet both have a vintage flair but when paired with a simple button down and sweater create a modern look.  The Perforated Pearl Earrings are a huge on trend piece this season and this piece specifically is a very versatile, edgy piece.  In essence, you may find pieces elsewhere that are similar in design, but each piece has a design all their own which add something special to your wardrobe this season.


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