Gwyneth Paltrow's New Music Room and How to Do It Yourself


Gwyneth Paltrow is known for her exquisite taste, whether on the red carpet, giving beauty/styling advice in interviews or from her lifestyle blog GOOP (you know you've checked it out from time to time) admit it, this girl has serious taste.  So it only makes sense that her celebrity home fits the bill.  Gywneth soon sought out designer, Windsor Smith to turn her cluttered, but promising music room into a clean, fresh space that would make Mozart envious.          

Here's the transformation (and how to do it yourself)

Photo: Goop

It's obvious from the staging of this room that Ms. Paltrow is an entertainer (there is so much seating), which makes this room look cluttered but welcoming.  Also this room is a Music room, which insinuates that this is a room that should invoke inspiration and also serve as a relaxing, welcoming haven.  Honestly this room isn't that horrible, there is a nice warm-cool color scheme and has a nice sense of the inhabitants who live here, just a tweak would suffice.  Either way, Gwyneth Paltrow thought otherwise.


 Photo: Goop

A white/neutral color palette is a great way to make a room more calming and inviting (add natural accents and lush, luxe fabrics for instant chic style). 
Although it can be very easy to make a room look muddy or plain while using a neutral wall, Windsor Smith was able to create a calm, relaxing space by utilizing the fabulous window lighting which is bounced off of the white floor and ceiling.  There is still enough seating to make Ms. Paltrow happy, they are just smaller and grouped to open up the room- perfect for entertaining.

Photo: Goop 

For white or light walls, a neutral grey statement wall piece/art calms the stark white, and can open up the color palette as well (as you can see, lavender/blue accent colors calm the room while gold adds a chic, polished look to this room).  

 Photo: Goop

A daybed or sectional can be stylist and invoke inspiration at the same time.  Light and airy, textured pieces and accents cut up the bright white while opting for a luxe, stylish look.  The metals and rich hues in this space add to the beautiful black and white contrast of this space while accentuating the most prominent pieces in this [music] room, the piano.


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