Product Review Tuesday: Front to Back Earrings


Accessory trends have been popping up everywhere from street fashion blogs to celebs and they've become something to talk about.  From ear cuffs to front to back studs, current jewelry trends are about to show us how to accessorize in a whole new way.

Pearl Front to Back Earrings

 Front to back earrings (or 360 earrings) are so fresh and on trend it's almost hard to find them with your norm mainstream retailers, so look to your favorite designers (they're usually your first pick, right?)

So what makes front to back earrings so amazing?  I'll admit it, I was definitely intrigued the first time I saw them.  Dior's pearl front to back studs took summer by storm, which when paired with casual or couture polishes your look perfectly.  Also, you can easily modify these earrings with studs from your own collection.  But Dior was only the beginning.  Front to back earrings are basically art for your lobes in the most unique way (that you can even wear to work, like I did).


Dior rocked our summer with these amazing pair of earrings that was sported by a handful of celebs and models (Miss Watson included), which also has started to inspire designers and hopefully more retailers in the near future.

Here are a few of my favorite front to back earrings
that on my wishlist:
Tory Burch

Vince Camuto

Alex Earrings
Nasty Gal


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