Product Review Tuesday: Rocksbox August


This month, my stylist sent me some very stylish and seek pieces that can easily be paired with dressy or casual looks.  What I love about this set is that although they are all different designers, they can be worn together or separately and look amazing.


Pale Pink Druzy Quartz and 14kt Gold Necklace
Christine Lily

This dainty simple necklace is a perfect piece if large statement jewelry isn't your thing.  I love the druzy look and pale pink (and really any soft color) goes perfectly with anything in my wardrobe.  As you can tell from the photos, it can also give any vintage look a modern edge.

Elea Cuff

It's not really fair for me to judge Gorjana because I already love anything Gorjana.  With that said, I decided to try something different with this piece and wear it backwards.  What I love about cuffs are that sometimes you can actually do that and due to the modern frame design of this piece, it actually looks great too.

 Photo: Rocksbox

As you can see from the photo, the cuff has an attractive criss cross design, and is also slightly flexible to fit any wrist. The hammered detailing also adds an "other worldly" sort of vibe which looks great paired with your late summer outfits and can also look classy with your fall pieces as well.   

Faceted Teal Drop Earrings
Lucas Jack

Lucas Jack is a new vendor to me and now possibly a new favorite not only because I love the modern, sleek look of his jewelry but moreso what the company stands for.  Lucas Jack is a fairly new London based company which started in 2006 and uses not mined but recycled gold/metals to make their jewelry and if that isn't enough, a portion of all online sales goes towards children's charity.  So obviously, this lovely pair of earrings is gold plated with recycled gold metal and has a rich jewel toned teal color gem in the middle.  I personally don't like dangle earrings all too much, so this pair of earrings was perfect because they don't move at all and just look fabulous. 

The pieces from this box surprised me (in a good way) because unlike last time, they all went together as a set.  The colors went well with my wardrobe, they all were similar in size and metal and told a story with my clothes really well.  I'll be honest though, I wasn't in love with these pieces initially simply because I am more attracted to larger statement pieces but slowing I'm starting to have a strong affection for simple jewelry and a secret love affair with Marc Jacobs, so it was fate that I received everything in this box.  There's definitely something to be said about simple jewelry and how less is definitely more.  In this case, less gives class a whole new light.  So in the end, would I buy/recommend any of these pieces?  Yes, most definitely.


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