My Wedding Look for September


1.  Olivia Palermo for Brides Magazine
2. Urban Gem (Shot and Styled by me)
5.  Coach (Shot and Styled by me)
7.  Wedding Rings (Artisan Made, also Shot and Styled by me)
8.  Pinterest

I never wanted a huge wedding, a princess gown or a huge rock on my finger (no offense those who do, I'm sure you look or will look lovely).  I'm a career woman who uses her hands for a living but I always did want something intimate, simple and elegant.  Evens and I got engaged back in 2011 and since then we had been slowly planning out the details.     

Evens always wanted to get me a huge ring but I have always liked something a little more simple, this was our compromise.  In the end, I think it's perfect.  We both found artisans to make eachother's rings and we couldn't be happier with the end result (even though he thinks they look like they're from Game of Thrones).

My wedding look is definitely workwear inspired.  I just love shift dresses.  I tried to love other styles (and I did) but I always came back to the shift.  It's reliable, you always look good and it has simple, yet flattering lines.  I found mine at Ann Taylor for under $100 (don't hate me, it was a flash sale), which I plan on pairing with a blazer styled over my shoulders.  Simple Kate Spade posts and a couple of layers of statement jewelry around my neck, with my favorite Coach flats that I bought for $50 (I know) that will complete the look.  Of course a beautiful bouquet of succulents to tie it all together.   

We plan on going to the courthouse this September to get married and then have a ceremony with both of our families in Florida next year around the same time at an art gallery.  We both have a deep appreciation for nature and a calm atmosphere so this is probably more along the lines of what we are thinking.  Luckily, we both have an art/design background so we will be designing everything so we can really enjoy the wedding planning process and time with our families (which is what it's about anyway).


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