Product Review Tuesday: 9th & Elm for Pre-Fall


I was so excited when I was invited by 9th & Elm to review some of their pieces (they are offically my new go to for accessories)!  9th & Elm, handmade and independent designs, offer not only jewelry, but also scarves, clothes, handbags, and so much more.  If you know me at all (or follow me on instagram), I am addicted to jewelry probably the most of everything simply because jewelry is so versatile.  As a Photo Stylist, I am always meeting with clients at various times of the day and week so I'm all about going from day to night in a short amount of time.  9th & Elm is a great resource for this because they literally have jewelry for everyone. When I was browsing their site, I was literally seeing all of the current trends in accessories, various price points and a wide array of talented designers.  As we near the end of summer in a few short months, I specifically chose pieces for pre-fall that would be great for day to night.  As with other reviews, I like to try the pieces out for a day to see how I like them and the feedback of those around me.

Dress: J. Crew
Jewelry: 9th & Elm
              Kate Spade

I literally had so many compliments on these studs!  These are such a great pair of studs for fall/winter because they are so classic and will go with absolutely everything. They originally caught my attention because they are made from a mold of actual sharkteeth (seriously, who thought of this?) and the brush of gold adds a polished flair that makes these earrings both casual and dressy, depending on the situation (I'm also currently obsessing over the white pair available here).  

14k Crusted Crystal Ear Cuff

I'm personally loving that ear cuffs are back right now.  Sparkle is always in and what a great place to wear it, opposed to and/or on the finger, around the neck and wrists.  9th & Elm has some really great options and this one I thought would be great for going out.  It also works great as a sort of "layering" piece because you can add other earrings to accent it!

Brown Druzy Bib Necklace

I just love the druzy look and what I love about this piece is the gold edging which adds a more sophisticated touch (opposed to without, which is much more casual).  I feel like you can't really wear druzy all year around because it's more of a summer look mainly (ie. Free People) but this piece is classy enough you can definitely sport it during the cooler months as well.  I highly recommend shopping 9th & Elm's druzy pieces, they are stunning!

Jacket:  Guess
Sweater:  Ann Taylor
Denim:  David Kahn
Jewelry:  9th & Elm

Brown Tortoise Acrylic Necklace

Tortoise is huge this Fall (especially with emerald green, black and white and/or jewel tones), it's a classic print that never goes out of style and looks great one everyone.  I love the simplicity and edgy design of this necklace and it can easily be dressed up or down. Also with similarly designed bib style necklaces, I've noticed the chain isn't long enough to fit nicely around the collar, this piece (as you can see) is obviously perfection. 

Black Velvet and Gold Chain Bracelet

The 90's are still trending and the "chunky chain" look is still very hot (that's ok, because I love it).  This piece would look great in the office, but also could dress up something more casual.  Textures like velvet, fur, suede, etc. (also like a few years ago), are popular again for the colder months so the velvet accent to this is really a great touch. The actual chain looks like more of a "vintage" classy (more like vintage 90's Chanel) type look with more of a modern edge.  Surprisingly enough, this bracelet looks great on smaller wrists like mine and isn't heavy whatsoever.

In essence, 9th & Elm is an overall great online shop that offers more than most and to various types of customers with varying tastes.  The quality for what you actually buy is totally worth it (all jewelry is handmade) and you will be guaranteed great pieces that are unique and are made by talented artisans and jewelry designers.  9th & Elm has a huge following and since all pieces are handmade, they can be gone fast, so be sure to buy it when you see it (which is a good thing).  There is always new stock, which is something I always like, and flash sales quite frequently so 9th & Elm is really thinking about their customer base and how to sell to them efficiently.  Would I buy from them again?  Absolutely!


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