Product Review Tuesday: Jewelmint July


I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting this at all.  It's hot out, the middle of summer and here comes a beautifully packaged box full of vintage inspired feminine jewelry.  I fell in love.  I literally love each and every piece, but you'd have to be crazy not to.   

Pastel pink is like my black.  It literally goes with everything I wear (and is also one of my wedding colors).  I love and have always loved this style of necklace (I also have it in orange) which looks stunning with both sets of earrings.  

Pink Vita Necklace

Let's talk about this necklace, because that's what grabbed my attention (and what I'm sure you want to know more about right now).  How perfect is it?  Pale pink (and most pastels, done the right way) looks good on every skin tone in my opinion.  At first I was a little disappointed with the length, but after wearing it around my collar I loved it because is was a perfect hint of sparkle and subtle color.  This necklace is the necklace, especially if you are going from day to night, which leads you to the next piece, those earrings.

Le Petit Bow Earrings

My favorite feature about the VIP Box is that you don't receive random pieces of jewelry in one shipment, instead you are presented with pieces that not only go well together but also have more than one look/purpose.  The same goes for these amazing bow earrings (oh yea, I'm also obsessed with bows).  These perfect little bow earrings are so versatile.  You can wear them out to dress up an outfit or wear them to accent (or neutral piece) other jewelry you are wearing currently.  Either way, they are a perfect piece that adds a little sparkle to complete a look without being too obvious.

Desert Hoops

I'm not a big hoop girl fan, but these earrings are very different and I kind of like them.  They are a little understated, and are adorned with beautiful pink stones (pink stones, seriously who thinks of this).  I love the moden, symmetrical designs of the ingraved lines and stone placement, which is something that I haven't seen for a while (at least on hoop earrings).

Lock Cuff
(far left)

The cuff is such a cute idea, and really would make a great gift for any age.  It's very comfortable (not really adjustable or bendable fyi), has an antique look which is accentuated by not only the brass but the key and keyhole as well, so cute!  As I styled it above, it is also a really great layering piece as it's not a huge cuff so it could be worn with other jewelry comfortably.

Overall, I loved this Jewelmint VIP Box!  In a previous Jewelmint review, I had the chance to try out one of their Mystery Boxes.  The Mystery Box packaging and jewelry choices vs. the VIP Box is definitely less in comparison to the VIP Box.  Of course keeping in mind that the Mystery box is based on random pieces that are sent to you in a nice draw string bag vs. with the VIP box an actual box made for the jewelry.  In my opinion, I would try the Mystery box again, but with the mindset that probably not all the pieces will be a "set" as the VIP box is set up (and I'm ok with that, surprises are fun).

The jewelry in this VIP box are great pieces that I will wear over and over again.  I obviously  immediately fell in love with the necklace and bow earrings that came together in this box.  What really made the whole experience was that the cuff and hoop earrings could be worn with the other pieces as a set as well, so you can literally wear everything together, if you want.  The overall look of the pieces were stunning and had a sort of vintage french look to them, which is also very stunning (and perfect for fall and winter).  My VIP box experience in one word?  Obsessed!


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