8 Chic Up and Coming Designers, All Found on Etsy


I'm not going to lie, I love my fashion designers but sometimes it's great to open your eyes to some fresh, new talent.  Etsy is a great place to find handmade items (and honestly who wouldn't love to find something great and that's a custom fit) while giving your money a good cause? 


Etsy literally has everything, some bad and some not so bad things.  So to help you out, we've found the coolest, chicest pieces that need to be in your closet STAT. These designers have a serious passion for what they do and it shows through their designs.  So get excited because these designs are a gold mine (but on the other hand, your wallet should be very afraid).        

Tel Aviv, Israel

Chic, modern lines (and flattering colors) for the everyday woman.  Nata designs for comfort, but never letting go of style.  Honestly speaking, wouldn't you always want to dress chic if you had a choice?  Of course you would.  Vintage inspired necklines and cuts have swooned over Nata's designs (especially her tunics) that sizing is limited to just a select few, so snatch them up before they're gone.  Checkout, done.




Sofia, EU

Bring on the drama and couture (and non-couture price points might I add), because who wouldn't love to wear a work of art?  The "deconstructed" pieces from MariaQueenMaria are in my opinion completely wearable couture pieces.  Not all of us can afford the couture piece tag, but always dream of wearing it.  Well, here's your chance ladies.






Edgy cuts, clean lines and versatile looks with high quality fabrics.  Need a dress for work?  Done.  You're planning a trip and will be stuck at the airport all day and need a stylist look?  Check.  Super stylist, super comfortable and street style approved.  




Paris, France

Could this be the future of power suiting, please?  Milena's modern cuts and close attention to detail makes her pieces stand out, while personifying the essence of sophistication.  Work wear has slowly been trending through the years (thank you very much J. Crew) and we can only hope it's going this direction specifically.



Izmir, Turkey

Sleek, modern draping and layering make us all look more elegant, whether we're in denim or dress attire.  Ofelya knows this and went one step further to make one-of-a-kind designs that are inspiring and unique.  You get us.




Taipei, Taiwan

1960's chic meets modern asymmetrical lines, the perfect formula for any fashion girl's dream closet.  Gary Lin not only goes for the chicest look but comfort comes in for a close second.  You can also check out the latest shows and behind the scene photos from his latest collections all on his etsy shop.

Grey Mohair Sweater

Linen Skorts with Zipper Detail

Wool Asymmetrical Sweater Poncho

European Union

Boxy cuts, clean lines and flowy structured fabric that accentuate your shape is what Aakasha is all about.  Her idea of beauty is smart, simple and elegant, what we all want to be, right?  Aakasha has taken the modern lines of today's fashion and reworked them to portray her ideas of beauty.  We love you, Aakasha keep doing your thing. 



Long Asymmetrical Blouse

Riga, Latvia

Clean lines, and urban elegance are in essence what you will find at this shop.  Knitwear is what they are known for (very stylish knitwear at that) and they also work with luxurious yarn made with organic wool, cashmere and silks (and many more), are you sold yet?  Oh yeah, you can also customize the color/type of yarn.  Comfort and luxury never felt so good.


Knitted Cowl Neck Loose Dress

Knitted Cross Front Cardigan with Raw Hem


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