Product Review Tuesday: JewelMint


The holidays are right around the corner, so this review is gearing us up for a little something more glam and sophisticated to wear out on the town, or to wear with our favorite knits.  Either way, we'll be dressed to kill, no matter the occasion.

Antoinette Shield Pendant

 This necklace is probably my favorite piece from the whole collection.  This season, I've been wearing longer, simpler pieces with my knits and this necklace has just enough sparkle to keep a look chic yet understated.

 Aquitaine Necklace

 I'm not a spike kind of a girl.  I can do modern, vintage and even edgy but never spikes.  But I'd have to say that this piece, paired with classic pearls can easily and unsuspectingly pull off a feminine, classy look.

 Honeycomb Earrings

  I'm all about the front to back earrings (see my post here), the versatility and design alone are what sells this pair.  The classic design of the honeycomb, accented with a hint of sparkle and modern style of the front to back are a great statement piece.

This set had very modern designs, but inspired by vintage pieces that we all love.  These pieces can all be worn together or separately (and look great with evening wear and knits this season).  Each modern design has a vintage and classic twist, which is great to wear to those holiday parties or with a chunky sweater and your fav pair of denim.  Either way, these pieces also make great gifts (even if it's for yourself)!


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