Product Review Tuesday: Rocksbox


Rocksbox was a completely different experience for me than other "mystery box" companies.  I feel like each and every one has their own thing, and I'm not going to lie I really love their style.

Basically, you get sent a few pieces of fabulous jewelry every month, picked out for you by your own personal stylist based on your likes and dislikes (how cool is that).  You can keep them as long as you want, and when you're done send them back.  If you find a piece that you absolutely can't part with, send back the others (and be sure to rate them) and you'll be charged for the piece(s) you keep.  It's that simple.

Every month, you receive your baubles in a beautifully packaged Rockbox box, with a little note from your stylist.  This is what I received this month and I'll be honest, I was pretty impressed.  Based on a few questions, my personal stylist quickly assumed that I love bling (umm yes) and something with classic lines.  

Sierra Necklace in Crystal
Urban Gem

I'll be honest, when I first signed up wtih Rocksbox I wanted this necklace bad.  I've been looking for a necklace this size and shape for my wedding, so I knew right away this was it.  Unfortuneately, you can't really shop (although you can see designer samples) current jewelry, but not all of the designers are listed.  In a sense, that is a good thing because that way there's always that element of surprise (plus they are probably always finding new and exciting vendors).  In my case, I lucked out completely because from what I have read, Urban Gem is fabulous.  Basically they're the go-to for stylists and celebs around the glove and are sought after due to their modern vintage appeal.  Obviously they are amazing, so amazing they don't have a website but are carried through Rocksbox so I'm all for it.

Purple Frost Louvre Resin Ring

I have a very open mind when it comes to jewelry.  I'm usually all about the statement jewelry and glam, but I also have pieces that are similiar to Isharya's ring as well.  This ring really stood out to me when I first opened the Rocksbox box and I immediately fell in love with the gold detailing.  If you aren't familiar with Isharya, they are an Indian jewelry company with a modern twist so most of their pieces are gold and very unique.  I'm not a big ring person, but this ring is definitely different and goes with so much of my wardrobe already it was hard to not love it.  

Lula Pyramid Studs in Ocean Blue

I almost freaked out a little when I saw that I had some Gorjana earrings in my Rocksbox collection.  No seriously.  I love Gorjana.  My stylist picked that up early on and apparently based this whole grouping around these earrings.  These studs are so perfect.  I love the color, the lines and the gold detailing, just so classic and modern.  Although I wish these were much larger, they are still very beautiful and would look great layered with other earrings or to dress up any casual outfit.

I really love surprises so it's safe to say that I'm a fan of the "mystery box".  I love that each and every "mystery box" type company is different and overall my experience with Rocksbox was a good one.  I love the fact that you work closely with a personal stylist (that is a person) and you have input about what kind of jewelry you are recieving every month.  I especially love the look and style of peices that Rocksbox has as a whole, they are very stylist, modern, and some vendors have a vintage influence.  I find it very interesting the different styles that each and every "mystery box" company has and who their target demographic is and how they market their products to them.  With Rocksbox, I have the comfort of knowing what I'm going to get for the month, even though I don't know what any of the pieces will look like.  I feel like people who aren't really into the modern look think that pieces that are modern look basic, but in my opinion the pieces that Rocksbox carries are anything but that.  If anything they are really great for layering and by themselves small or large statement pieces that you can wear forever (even if you're just borrowing them).


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