Inside Photo Stylist, Kara Rosenlund's Clutter-Free Home


As a Photo Stylist myself I have collections of things I've found over the years, whether from travelling, flea markets, or used as props and sometimes it's just hard to let go or not use them in your home.  To be honest, it can be challenging sometimes to display these awesome finds in a way that makes sense or tells a cool story.

Last week, Design Sponge followed Photo Stylist, Kara Rosenlund around her lovely home in Australia to get some major tips on how to organize collections from a pro.
(hint: white is everywhere!)

According to Amy Azzarito, who wrote the article for Design Sponge, white was used to showcase Kara's beautiful pieces and helped her collections look clutter-free.

I personally love this white kitchen!  There's a definite nature theme going on throughout the house which works well with the clean starkness of the white, and the open cabinetry/shelves in this room really looks stunning.

Long, vertical shapes also help the spaces feel more open and mirrors open up the space and add a sense of warmth/comfort to each room.

Who needs a bookshelf, right?  I own so many vintage books, some dating back to the 1700's and this is such a great statement for them!  

Images via Design Sponge and Kara Rosenlund

For me, this house is so much more than beautiful, there is so much going on (in a good way), the comfortable feel each space has would make anyone feel at home.  
For more on Kara's thought on her home, check out Design Sponge's article here.


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