West Elm Shows Us How to Style Our Room{s} like a Catalogue


I get asked alot by friends and clients on styling advice for their rooms and it would be great to come home to a room (or mulitple rooms) that look like they've come straight from a spread in your favorite home decor magazine.  Luckily, West Elm has decided to share some of their style secrets and give us a look at their fabulous decor for fall. 


Easy, "no nail" furniture has been trending lately (I have a similar piece and it is truly amazing) and you'll understand why when you see this piece.  Not only is it easy to assemble but looks sleek and is even easier to move around in your home.  Just add some of your own collections and you've got art.


I remember my grandparents having a buffet by their dining room table growing up, and how much it really made the room look polished yet comfortable.  The genius modular wall system is at work again, with this piece as well making the wall (not the beatiful table) additional storage.  This piece could easily be added to any room, accented by beautiful art, dishes and personal items to tell a story. 


What really makes this room a great space is not only the dark grey wall (to accent the wall art and room decor), but also the attention to pattern detailing.  Pattern mixing is on trend in fashion and of course that means in the home as well.  In essence, if you are able to find a great rug to accentuate your wall paper/paint pattern and art, the rest is easy.


Sometimes using a small table to add height on another one, is the best idea.  You may not want to add a light on top (or maybe you do) but it's up to you and your decor in the end.  Also, use metallics to brighen up a drab room, you can never go wrong with a little sparkle.


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