Just in Time for the Stay-at-Home Dad


Let's face it, modern family households have been changing in the past few years.  More and more Moms are going back to work while Dad holds the fort down at home with the kids.  That's why for the fourth day of the 12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide we ask ourselves, "So what do you get the Stay-at-Home Dad?"  It's simple, an everything bag.

PacaPod bags are known for being a multi-use diaper bag, but we think they are so much more.  They not only are able to change the straps (via back pack style or one shoulder style) but can be used to store everything from tablets to food to diapers.  This bag literally grows with baby (and dad). This bag particularly comes in several different colors and the price is very reasonable.  We think it's a win win. 
Photos: PacaPod


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