Here's What to Get Baby For the Holidays


Babies are really easy to buy for when they're in utero and not so easy afterwards.  Usually after they are born Mom and Dad have everything they need for the little one and what does that leave for you?  Not much.  That's why educational toys are key.  They not only help the child learn a few things but are also great at entertaining baby for a few hours (hense giving mirrors to babies).

Kid O Toys is a great toy company for children of all ages that help promote stem and creative learning.  The MyLand Car below is great for baby because it focuses on "cause and effect".  Cause and Effect toys in my opinon don't get enough attention and are really a fundemtal and important lesson for little ones.  This modern, colorful little toy uses lights, sounds and movement to stimulate little brains on the concept (and Mom and Dad will love this too). 

Photo: Kid O

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