Mommin' Ain't Easy and Rocksbox Is Here to Help


For all of those who don't know already, we just had a new addition to our little family (hence the absence) and we couldn't be more thrilled!  But sometimes Mom needs something for herself, even if she's changing diapers.

So obviously, I couldn't wait to try these pieces from Rockbox out for a spin, let me know what you think!

Perry Street

This piece in the set was by bar my favorite.  I love how simple the design looks with the muted colors, perfect for fall and winter!  I'm kind of over the whole big statement necklace thing, especially with a baby, but this piece is simple and elegant enough to wear day or night.

Sophie Harper

I'll be honest, I'm over aztec but on the other hand my designer side loves geometric patterns.  All in all, I didn't think I'd like this ring but it's really kind of great.  Depending on your look, it be just the accessory that you need for your look (even if it's aztec).

Trina Turk

It's not really fair for me to review these, because I love shapes and green is my favorite color.  These cute little studs are a great accessory to any look and the hexagon shape is a fresh take on the traditional circle, not too shabby. 

This Rockbox set was the perfect tranitional set from Fall to Winter and could go with practically anything in your closet (even t-shirts like all the other mommies out there).  If you need a little pop of color, or something unique to accessorize with your look, this is the set for you!   Overall, this set was great for my style because it's so simple.  What's so great about this set is that it's so versatile.  I may have a more simple style, but someone else may love to mix patterns and these pieces would go perfectly with that sort of look as well.


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