Nordstrom Rolls Out Shop By Text


Photo: Nordstrom

The internet has been buzzing since the launch last spring about Nordstrom's shop by text (yes you heard right) tool called TextStyle that allows shoppers to purchase items via text message based on reccommendations from personal shoppers/sales associates.  This super powered, retail weapon was initiated to one-up it's competition, obviously and is totally genius if you think about it.  All it takes is receiving a text message from your personal shopper, texting back "buy" and a unique code and done.

It's that easy.

Dangerous?  Yes.  Smart business strategy?  Absolutely.

Scott Jones, Nordstrom's VP of Personalization, told Fortune, “TextStyle is an important step forward in our efforts to connect with customers on their terms,” also noting that the tool is a way the retailer is aiming to be “relevant for customers.”

Let us know your thoughts!  Have your tried it out?
Yay or nay?


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