The Newest Tech in Smartphone Selfies


It's finally here, the next level in cellphone selfies.  The selfie stick was a huge hit and soon you'll be able to attach a ring flash to your phone for added, glamorous light.  

Photos: Peta Pixel

Japanese photogapher, Julie Watai was seriously dissapointed when her iphone couldn't take selfies in poorly lit environments (we feel you, Julie).  With that being said, Julie decided to create a ring light for your smartphone.  Not only will you soon be able to take selfies (or whatever you want for that matter) at night but your skin will also look flawless, or at least close enough.  

The Kira currently takes two AAA batteries, but the final design will rely solely on internal [cellphone] battery for power.  Although the weight, bettery life and pricing is still in development, you can check out more information on the Kira at Kibi Dango.   


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