Your New It Bag (just in time for summer)


Lo & Sons

If you're like most fashion girls when it comes to traveling, planning is everything.  From outfits all the way to accessories, everything has to be perfect.  Accessorizing is key to any look (ask Olivia Palermo) it's basically fashion 101.  The Claremont not only makes you look chic and put together, but also serves as an incredible camera bag.

That's right, a camera bag.

You know, that clunky yet annoyingly unattractive bag that you hated lugging around with you when you went on that tour through Greece last summer.  Yep, that's the one.  The struggle is real and no matter how hard you try to fit your camera in your bag (because a point and shoot just won't do) it just won't fit.  Luckily, Lo & Sons knows what you're going through and has designed stylish, sleek bags for just about everything (including going to the gym).  Shop fast ladies, because all bags are up to 30% off until June 1st!

 Photo: Lo & Sons

Photo: Lindsay Brown


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