An Easy Fashion It Girl Look, Styled at Your Fingertips


We've all scrolled through our newsfeed during lunch and totally lusted after the perfectly styled street style photos of our favorite icons.  It's ok, one day right?  Well, the stylists of Daily Look are totally on point (and know your fashionista needs) and literally just made your fashion it girl dreams come true.  


Who could seriously pass this one up?  This beautifully detailed crop top is a total keeper (also comes with cami photographed above).  Try styling with a midi pencil skirt or wide leg pants for an updated sleek 90's look.

This bag is already street style approved.  The simple minimalist shape and detailing is the perfect accessory for your super chic look.  Olivia Palermo would approve.  


This top is a great day to night piece that makes your look appear more expensive than it really is.  The contrast piping creates a sleek, simple look which is accented by the clean lines. The pale peach tone of this top makes most all skin tones appear more creamy and soft as well.  Pair this top with black leggings with piping detailing for a minimalist look.


Who said your closet had to be black only this summer?  It's completely acceptable to mix in greys and neutrals for a perfectly contrasted look.  This top can be worn to work with a pencil skirt or worn to the beach with your favorite pair of denim shorts. 

Note:  This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. I can receive compensation for the above products.  Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

I've been working with Daily Look for a few months now and love the attention to detail and stylist/customer response.  In my opinion, other personal styling/subscription box type of companies may ask for your opinion (or suggest you take their styling quiz) but compared to Daily Look don't pay as much attention.  Of course it may not be totally fair because Daily Look has new looks quite frequently to inspire potential customers and the looks are very on trend (sorry guys).  For us fashion girls, it's a no brainer.

My style is pretty minimalist.  When I work in the studio, I have to wear all black and honestly I never get tired of it.  Lately, my black wardrobe has started to bleed into my  everyday wear, slowly.  So when I get a box that's mostly black (and grey) I get super excited.  I know if I didn't have open communication with my stylist, my boxes would probably be less minimalist and more Kylie Jenner.  So there's that.  Basically, the stylists at Daily Look  have a major sense of style and use their fashionista voodoo to send us exactly what we want and need to be our own it girl.  Fame comes later, obviously.


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