Stellé Audio Makes Wearable Tech That's Like, So Fetch


I don't know if you've noticed, but earbuds just aren't fashionable.  There have been some out there that come close but when you're on the go (whether you're on the phone or jamming to your favorite tunes) it would be an added bonus if your wearable tech looked a little more you know, chic?  Well with all of the wearable tech popping up from runway shows to start up companies, Stellé Audio knows what we've all been thinking. 

Photo: Stellé Audio
Earbud Locket


The Earbud Locket is Stellé Audio's newest product, so new that it comes out this month (so any day now) and is aimed to be both beautiful and functional for the woman on the go.  This stylish, smart necklace houses Bluetooth earbuds and their chain that acts as a dual chain to the necklace.  Also, this locket has a long lasting rechargeable battery, like most smart tech out there as well as a microphone and a sleek controls that allow you to easily control volume and phone calls.  Black not your thing?  That's ok because the Earbud Necklace comes in 2 colors, Midnight (pictured) and Seabreeze (aquamarine blue).
 Want to know more?  Check out Stellé Audio's blog for more!


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