So, Does This Mean That Banana Republic Is the New J. Crew?


Although the glorious insanity that is New York Fashion week is now over, we now have time to reflect on what we saw (and will be wearing) this time next year.  This year's show was kind of a big deal considering it was Marissa Webb's first ever show for Banana Republic.  Webb played with texture and proportion and sported everything from oversized, boxy shapes to long lean lines.  Webb's one thing to take from the show?  Outerwear.  

Here are some great key pieces from BR's totally chic and inspiring show. 

 Photos: Elle
Banana Republic A/W 2015 Ready-to-Wear

By the looks of it, it's obvious that Marissa Webb has taken the Banana Republic aesthetic and has given it a little face lift.  Don't get me wrong, Banana Republic is a great place to shop.  You always know what you'll get when you walk in, and that's the thing.  This line doesn't really look like anything Banana Republic would sell (at first glance), but it's so much more.  You can still see the essence of the Banana Republic that we all know an love with a chic, stylish update.  So does this mean that we will soon be swapping out our favorite J. Crew work wear pieces with Banana Republic's fresh new take on casual work wear?  

Video: Retoys


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