Denim Styled Straight From the Streets


Denim looks great with almost everything but can be the most difficult to style.  For this post, we took it to the streets and found some rediculously stylish inspiration from the web's most stylish street style bloggers from around the globe. 


Remember when you wore holes and yesterday's paint project (that ended up more on your jeans) on your denim was a thing?  Well it's back and we actually don't mind.  If you just can't go all the way, knee rips may be for you.  They're simple and chic and hey, you can still pull off that Helmut Lang sweater from fall and still look awesome.  Frayed edges and distressed overalls are also great for spring and for Coachella maybe?

Photo: Modern Legacy

Photo: Brit+Co

Straight from top to bottom, this "borrowed from the boys" fit is great for almost every body type and is  perfect for a walk around town or date night.  This sleek style of denim looks amazing with classic prints and structured cuts.  Try it out, you never know it might be your new thing.

No matter how tight or slouchy the fit, cropped denim will always be a thing.  Whether you wear them with heels or sandals your look will always be fabulous.

Photo: WhoWhatWear

Grab those wedges or heels because this style of denim is nothing but length.  There's nothing wrong with looking longer and showing off those curves especially when we borrow our look from an era when fashion was fun and nothing but feminine.

Photo: Cotton+Curls

Photo: Punky-B

Photo: On the Racks

The boyfriend is such a great look.  You can easily throw on a t-shirt for a casual look and sport a blazer for something more classy.  Short women like myself, often judge slouchy denim too quicky because it will obviously make us look shorter and fatter, right?  Wrong.  Slouchy in the right spots are key here, and the boyfriend accentuates our shape, rather than the opposite.

Photo: Sincerely Jules

Photo: Let It Be

Last year high-rise was everywhere, this year expect Mom jeans to be everywhere.  I guess we're all nostagic for the 90's or just want to keep it simple.  Either way, the mid-rise (and higher) can be styled with a great crop top or a boxy sweater for an instant chic look.

Photo: Stylesnooperdan

Photo: A Love Is Blind


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