On the Fourth Day of Christmas


Today's christmas gift is not only very affordable but also perfect for the boys.  This diamond in the rough has been featured in Oprah Magazine and other notable tech blogs as the gift of the season.  For only $50 this speaker/headset/speakerphone lets you listen to music and talk on the phone in a whole new way (you can also connect up to 10 Monocles for an even more awesome listening experience).  Monocle comes in 6 different colors to match his personal style, or electronics/accessories.

Photos: Native Nation

Here's a teaser Native Nation shot of the various uses Monocle brings to the table, along with some smooth beachy tunes and that warm summer sun.

(Don't rub it in)

But seriously for only $50, do him a solid and get him a great gift this year (and now there isn't any excuse for him to miss your call).


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