How to Rock the Black on Black Look


Black on Black is a hard look to pull off.  You may want to rock a great top you found last weekend  with amazing detailing but 9 times out of 10, no one else will notice because it's black.

It's cool, we get it.

Even though Anna Wintour may disagree, there are ways to pull off the Black on Black look and totally love it.

 Illustration: Evens Joseph

There's a ton of occupations out there where employees have to wear black on black, and it can be difficult to love your look.  Work in retail? merchandising maybe?  You may even work at a photo studio, bottom line, you have to wear all black and it can be boring, here's how to change that.

The trick to wearing black on black is being able to mix textures and play around with different shapes (it can be fun, promise). 

The chic oversized look is a huge trend this season and looks good on everyone and every body shape.    This look creates a loose but structured silhouette, while making us look leaner.  Like simple, clean lines?  This look is for you.    


Eileen Fisher


Illustration: Evens Joseph

This look is my personal favorite for working in the studio and is great for someone who moves around alot, but still wants to look chic and professional.  This look took the fashion world by storm this fall and is very easy to pull off for those of us who work earlier than the 9-5ers.   

Mixing luxe textures and chunky knits are key to pulling off this look as well as asyemmetrical shapes.  Leather is a huge fabric this season and looks great with all textures.  Want a different look for work?  Try leggings (nice quality ones, not the $.99 ones at your local drugstore) with structured detailing such as piping.    

Helmut Lang


The Row


Illustration: Evens Joseph

Preppy ruled our wardrobes last fall and winter, why not return to the basics this season as well?  There's nothing wrong with a clean line and polished look, especially for work.  Work in an office?  A cubicle, even?  

We got you, girl.

You can dress nice and be comfortable too.  Is that button down too boring to wear to work?  Doubt it, there's always a fresh way to bring anything to life in your closet.  Try wearing a basic tee and miliary jacket with your skirt to work.  You're still dressed up with a modern clean line.




Burberry Brit


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