DIY Friday: How To Extend Your Closet {and other things} On Any Budget


My fiancee and I are both the artist type and share an apartment in the city, so space is obviously an issue.  As a Photo Stylist, I have alot of clothes and props and as a Fine Art Illustrator, he has a lot of large works of art and supplies, so we are constantly trying to figure out the best option to properly utilize our space and our things.  

These options are what we came across and may help anyone (on any budget) with similiar needs: 

Design Workshop Modular Wall Storage System
$3,410- 9,010

Although a little pricey, I feel like this could be a really nice option for anyone who knows what they want in terms of wall space and decor.  The selling factor for me with this piece was not only the quality, but also that you can move any of the pieces around whenever you want (basically you are the designer).  So in the end, in my opinon it may look pricey but you get what you pay for and then some.

Build Your Own Monorail Closet System

This piece is very similiar to the West Elm piece above but catered for more of a closet space.  Again what I really love about this piece is the freedom of design and the ability to change the design, no carpenter needed.  It's a clean design, fresh and reusable and at an affordable price.  

DIY Garmet Rack
Sarah Sherman Samuel, of Smitten Studio
Variable price

This is genius and a great decor piece as well (and can save you space and money in the long run).  

Supplies as needed: 

1/2" steel conduit pipe
Flat spray paint
2 floor flanges
2 elbow joints
24 wood screws
4 casters
wood base

For more detailed instructions go here

This is a diy project obvioulsy, so the look and dimensions are completely up to the maker, but for those who have a tighter budget, this is a great option and it's very simple to construct considering most everything can be bought in one hardware store (and I'm sure they could cut and/or give advice on anything needed).  

Loft Bunk Bed-Style Storage
Variable price

Working with a small space is very difficult by itself, and for those who have more of a vertical space vs. horizontal, this may be a unique, alternitive option.  Raising the bed and making a complete storage unit underneath is a completely new concept for me, but I'd try it.  With the use of fabric/curtains it could be a very seculded nook type space that could double as a mini office or reading/relaxing nook.

Although a carpenter and designer (to say the least) would need to be involved with this one, this is a very satisflying and logical solution to a small space issue.  Simple stylish touches such as the rug and fabric walls/curtains create a mood for the space and nesting tables invite and organize personal items.  In essence, this solution could be expensive, but in the end totally worth it.


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