My Advice to Recent Grads and Other Artists


     As Anna Wintour put it "Go get a job", so I did.  About 3 months after graduation from college my fiancee (then boyfriend) and I moved back home where I found a job at a local boutique.  Luckily for me, this particular boutique served as a springboard for my professional life as a photo stylist.  Although I took care of the store while the owner was buying and merchandising for the other store about 45 minutes away, I also received opportunities that opened alot of doors for me such as working with stylists from all over the east coast, antique/product knowledge, window and visual merchandising and some insane customer service skills.  Basically, you have to make your first job work for you, no matter if it's your passion or not (and if you didn't get to take business class in college, visual merchandising experience will save you lots of headache if you decide to freelance later in your career).  

Below are my humble beginnings with visual merchandising and displaying, which eventually lead me to styling



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