Fall/Winter 2013 Trends


                                 1.  BluGirl Fall 2013 RTW (Burning Mirrors)
                                 2.  Ralph Lauren Fall 2012 (Quite Continental)
                                 3.  BluGirl Fall 2013 RTW (Style Bistro)
                                 4.  Black and Cream Striped Fit and Flare Dress 
                                 5.  Anchors Away Striped Shorts (Daily Chic)
                                 6.  Bold Colored Striped Top (Styling On)
                                 7.  Floral Top and Striped Skirt (Obaz
                                 8.  Floral Skirt and Striped Top (Obaz)
                                 9.  Floral Dress and Plaid Coat (What Do I Wear)
                                 10. Cobalt Blue Sweater and Leopard Pants (Banana Republic
                                 11.  Polka Dot Shirt and Green Sweater (Anyway, It's Fashion)
                                 12.  Red Orange Sweater ad Collared Shirt 
                                 13.  Grey Sweater with Statement Necklace (Trendy Taste)

I've been prepping for Fall since early August and I decided to make a board of the most popular trends and trends I've been using for the season with work/models and my wardrobe :)  In short, this season is all about pattern mixing along with retro, of course (I can't wait for Spring if any of you have seen the highlights/photos from or gone to NYFW!).  Plaid and leopard look beautiful together (Ralph Lauren is a great example for this one), as well as floral and stripes (and floral and plaid- be careful with this one!).  Bold colors and black and white (high contrast) are also really big (refer to Kate Spade this season).  Luckily for me, this year has been all about the preppy look so collars are SUPER in (pair with a nice statement necklace to complete the outfit)!  What is your favorite look for this season?


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